New Vrindaban’s Pushpa Abhishek and Swan Boat Festival – Jul 27th, 2013.

Sri Sri Radha Vrindabanchandra Pushpa Abishek Celebration, 2011.

Sri Sri Radha Vrindabanchandra’s Pushpa Abishek Celebration, 2011.

What: Pushpa Abhishek and Swan Boat Festival.

When: Saturday, July 27th 2013.

Where: Sri Sri Radha Vrindabanchandra’s Temple of Understanding.

For two years, New Vrindaban has been celebrating Puspa Abhishek, an elaborate & fragrant flower petal bathing ceremony, of Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Vrindabanchandra. We would be very honored if you would join us in serving the Deities during this vibrant and colorful ceremony!

While New Vrindaban gardners have been lovingly growing an abundance flowers in preparation for this festival, feel free to bring your own flowers to offer as well.

After the Puspa Abhishek, the enchanting Swan Boat will float majestically around the lake, accompanied by a brilliant display of fireworks and an enthusiastic Hare Krsna kirtan.

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Reader Comments

I had never seen anything so beautiful, cool and absolutely transcendental! As a Hindu, born and raised in a strict orthodox Bramin family, and having maintained the good discipliones taught both by my family and my guru (ISKCON) Archana reciting the various Holy names of the Lord in denominations of 108 or 1008 I have heard. But abhishek where the flowers are poured over the Lord’s head and not starting at the Feet is new to me. Then when the flowers rained from up above it totally elevated all to a greater reality pure transcendental bliss. Very beautiful!And all the petals ere from the Palace? Radha rani ‘s flowers? Gorgeous! absolutely wonderful. what a nice way to show us what vaikunta is like…No snow that must be Kailash where there is snow all the time…This was a shower of sweet and fragrant rose petals.Hare Krishna! I enjoyed this My aching feet danced happily on a carpet of rose petals!…In His transe=cendental bliss the pain disappeared! There was no me separate from Radha Krishna…beautiful! It was worth the trip!