New Vrindaban’s Ratha Yatra – July 20th, 2013


New Vrindaban Ratha Yatra!

New Vrindaban Ratha Yatra!

New Vrindaban’s Country Style Ratha Yatra Festival will be celebrated Saturday, July 20th, 2013.

The RVC Temple Morning Programs will be same as usual; mangala arati, greeting, class, etc.

Lord Balarama, Subhadra, and Jaganatha will leave the RVC Temple at 10.30 am and proceed to Their Cart, (next to Rupanuga & Vanis’ house & across the road from Nityodita & Radha’s residence). The chariot will be decorated there and await the arrival of the Deities.

At 11.45 am special mantras will be chanted along with the smashing of coconut and awesome kirtan will invoke all auspiciousness.

The procession will begin at Noon with ecstatic kirtans continuing to the temple. The parade usually lasts for two hours, stopping at Palace so Srila Prabhupada can take Their Darshan. Along the way householders bring out sumptuous offerings for Their Lordships.

The Feast will be served 2 pm at the RVC Temple island on the grass (weather permitting).

The Deities will then be escorted from Their cart to the altar with devotees continuing the kirtan as each Deity enters Their residence.

The program will be concluded with the Jagannath Swan Boat Festival in the Evening at 9 pm.

Of all the places in the Universe, this will be the place to be. Make sure you, your family, friends and associates don’t miss this special opportunity!

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