Complaint Against New Vrindaban Management

Gopal, the Butter Thief!

Gopal Krishna, the Butter Thief!

by Nityodita dasa

On May 32, 2013 Mr. Samuel Klubb, manager of a big chain store in Ohio called New Vrindaban Temple President, Jaya Krsna dasa and bitterly pointed out that New Vrindaban’s purchases of milk, butter, heavy whipping cream, and yogurt are at a dangerously low level!

Klubb complained to the humble TP, “Listen to me, upper level management is now threatening my job because of these low sales! Business had been thriving with New Vrindaban’s addiction to the convenience we offer! Now all this nonsense talk of self sufficiency is bringing us close to the brink! I mean can you imagine what will happen to the economy if everyone would grow their own food! You think times are tough now……blah blah blah!”

What’s Really Happening

Have you heard the New Vrindaban News? Vrindaban Chandra, Gopal Krsna is at it again!

Stealing butter!

In desperation to get the sweetest richest butter, He was overheard speaking to Mother Yasoda. “Mata, I beg you please, never go to market ever again to get that bad butter! That butter isn’t even worth stealing! In fact the raccoons won’t even eat it! My cows are the best and so are My gopis and gopas! So why go to market?

“My cowherd boys are everyday skimming the cream off the top of fresh milk and making that cream into the richest yogurt I have ever stolen! Every few days my Gopis churn that yogurt into golden butter and delicious buttermilk! Yummy! And every week they make heavenly ghee to cook my breakfast, lunch and dinner! Not only that but all that skim milk is being used to make yogurt for mango lassi and paneer for subjis for all My devotees! It is the sweet taste of My devotees’ service mixed with the taste of the My personal cows’ milk that causes Me to become a Thief! I can’t help Myself!”

In a recent interview for the Brijabasi Spirit, Anandavidya explains, “Every two days I am able to separate 2 1/2 gallons of cream from 14 gallons of the morning milk! From that cream, I make yogurt and then churn out 7lbs of very beautiful yellow butter! The cows are eating fresh spring grass so the milk reflects their nutritious intake! Some of that butter, Lalita Gopi cooks into ghee and uses it to cook the Lord’s offering. So far we have made 3 batches and will try to increase in the near future! Two new cows are coming fresh this month so milk production and thus butter production will rise! So if you see butter smeared footprints around the Barn and Temple, you guessed it…..The Butter Thief is back! And up to His tricks again!

Reader Comments

I love this post. When I saw the tag line my heart jumped in dispair but as I read the heart of the post a big smile came across my face. Local food supplies are the greatest way to be self-reliant and healthy. Keep it up!

Hare Krishna.. This is absolutely as delicious as the butter. I loved the way prabhuji described “The butter thief is back..” So nice to hear…

This is a wonderful story. Nice to see ISKCON farm communities growing and less reliance on outside sources. My only fear with the way the United States is operating these days is that some government agency won’t find an excuse to come and make disturbance. Corporate America does not take too kindly to all this self sufficient living. Hare Krsna.

Oh, what a beautiful post! 7 lbs. of beautiful Yellow butter naturally produced from peacefully living cows at New Vrindavan!