Cottage Building Workshop Continues in New Vrindaban

by Chaitanya Mangala das

This prototype sleeping cabin is being built in the woods near the Garden of Seven Gates. When complete, it will provide housing for agriculture interns in New Vrindaban.

The foundation of this eco-friendly house is made from rammed-earth tires, the walls are constructed using straw bale infill and covered with concrete.

Come join us Saturday, June 22nd for the second part of the Green Builders Workshop.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop was changed from June 10 to June 22.

cabin good one

Semi completed cabin

During this session Jay & Annie Warmke, of the Blue Rock Station Sustainable Living Center, will share the basic techniques of earth plastering as we finish the walls of the new cottage.

ECOV is sponsoring the project, and scholarships are available to devotees. For more information, contact: Lilasuka at 304-843-1600 ext 106.

path good one

Forest Path from the Cabin.

Garden of 7 Gates near the cabin.

Garden of 7 Gates near the cabin.

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