ECOV 2013 Annual Board Meeting

ECOV held their Annual Board Meeting spread over a couple of meetings in February and March. Along with the necessary annul stuff  every corporation needs to do, there was some fine tuning of the by laws.

Additionally some regular resolutions were passed as well as follows:

Foam insulation spraying machine

WHEREAS: Both INV and ECOV foresee a need for insulating or re-insulating various buildings in New Vrindaban, and the cost of renting equipment for doing this is significant

RESOLVED: The ECOV Board authorizes up to $25K for the purchase of a foam insulation spraying machine, that will be donated to INV and borrowed as needed.

In discussion it was noted that the material for the foam is soy based and LEED acceptable.

Project Manager Reports

 G7G Irrigation

Heavy rains and discovery of slow-draining clay required additional time and modifications, but the irrigation system is scheduled to be completed in the spring, without requiring  any funding over the allocated $7K.

Deity garden

WHEREAS:  The Board wishes to allow the manager of the Deity Garden greater scope to purchase flowering shrubs.

RESOLVED: The Board increases the 2013 Deity Garden budget allocation by $2K.


WHEREAS: The ECOV Board wishes to construct a prototype house  at the Garden of Seven Gates to serve as a model for future construction on the Madhuban site.

RESOLVED: The Board approves up to $6K to pay Blue Rock Station to supervise the building, conduct a workshop and train participants.

Reusable water bottles and filling stations

WHEREAS: The ECOV Board wishes to reduce the consumption of bottled water on the New Vrindaban property.

RESOLVED: The Board approves:

1) Up to $800 for purchasing an initial order of metal water  bottles for a test/pilot program

2) Up to $500 to cover labor costs for additional research and  work by a project manager.

3) Up to $3,200 for purchase and installation of two filling stations for the restaurant and the Palace of Gold, as well as $800 toward two filling stations for the upstairs of the lodge.

4) Up to $300 for signage.

5. Internal Funding Request: Purchase van for ECOV use

 WHEREAS:  The Board sees a need to have a vehicle owned by ECOV for use in projects in New Vrindaban.

RESOLVED: The Board approves up to $2500 toward the acquisition, insuring, registering, etc. of a van or other suitable vehicle, to be titled in the name of the organization.

Grant request: “Greening” lodge renovations

WHEREAS:  The Board wishes to assist INV in its efforts to renovate buildings in an ecologically-responsible manner.

RESOLVED: The Board approves the following allocations, representing differentials between conventional and eco-friendly alternatives.

  $968.64 for 120 gallons of paint.

$259.26 for 300 CFL Bulbs.  (The Board also indicated a willingness to allocate an increased amount to cover LED bulbs, if INV chose to use them.)

$1,681.40 for flooring underlay.

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