This Week in the Dhama

MARCH 4 TO MARCH 10, 2013


Thurs. March 7 – Bhajans in the Temple 5:30 PM, followed by Mandakini’s Birthday Celebration

Srimad Bhagavatam Speakers for this week

Mon. March 4 –  (S.B. 10.84.24-25)   ?

Wed. March 6 –   (S.B. 10.84.26)          Devananda Prabhu

Thurs. March 7 –    (S.B. 10.84.27-30)    Nityodita Prabhu

Fri. March 8 –      Gaura Sakti Prabhu – ** please see notes below on Gaura’s class**

Sat. March 9 –     (S.B. 10.84.31-33)     Abhay Prabhu

Sun. March 10 –   (S.B. 10.84.34-37)      Prema Bhakti Prabhu       Siva Ratri

** NOTES ON GAURA SHAKTI’S FRI. MAR. 8 S.B. CLASS: Now that we’ve read and studied Srila Prabhupada’s letters on how he wants New Vrindavan to develop, we will begin to discuss how to give those ideas practical shape and form.
We’ve got 5 main categories, with many sub-categories within each one.  We will be expanding each of these within the Master Plan as it develops.

1.  “Agriculture and protecting the cow, this is the main business of the residents of Vrindaban, and above all simply loving Krishna. The cows, the trees, the cowherd men and Gopis, their chief engagement was loving Krishna, and in New Vrindaban we want to create this atmosphere and thereby show the whole world how practical and sublime our movement is.”
Note: this statement is the ‘umbrella’ under which all others will be situated.

2.  Make NV a place of pilgrimage/replica of Vrindavan.
3.  Cow protection, working the oxen, producing our own food, growing food for the cows, agriculture/horticulture, working the land [Mother Earth} so she produces offerings for the Lord.
4.  Self-sufficient community
5.  Place for spiritual education

Within #2-5 will be many sub-categories, and these are the main pillars that will ‘support’ point #1 above.

This is our understanding at this time, and we are developing the master plan accordingly, AND we are open to, and wanting, participation, involvement and ideas for HOW to implement.**

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