When spring comes

by Rafael Canuto

ECOV is getting ready for planting season. Madhava Gosh has caught catalog fever and has a plan to plant plant plant. 100 fruit and nut trees per year, plus fragrant perennial flower bushes at the Temple, the Lodge and Garden of 7 Gates. Not to mention berries, grapes and more flowers.

I am heading the Radha Vrindavan Chandra’s flower garden with the guidance of mother Vidya and Gosh. We are hoping to have 20 varieties of annual and perennial flowers. More than 10 thousands seeds were ordered. Over 100 flats of marigolds (36 plants per flat) and other annuals will be started at the Palace Greenhouse. Hundreds of flowers will be given to devotees around the ridge.

Contact me if you’d like a flat rafaelbcanuto@gmail.com

Our goal is to fully supply the deities garlands for the whole summer, late spring and early fall. We hope everyone will pitch in planting and picking, whether at G7G or at their home, and offer it with devotion to Prabhupada, Mahaprabhu, Radha, Krsna and the whole gang.

Our dreams are to provide dried flowers throughout the winter, but that’s yet to germinate.

Trees. Everyone had an opportunity to get in with Ecov’s trees and berries orders and receive free deer proof caging. 50 Carpathian walnuts, 50 apples, 20 grapes, 10 blueberries, 15 chestnuts, dozens of gooseberries, honey-berries, pears, peach, plums and more will arrive this spring. Lots of people already have their garden, and by participating, we are expanding the community’s capacity for growth.

If you missed it this year, next year we are getting the orders in the beginning of winter, so think ahead.

As for myself, I’m very happy to be back, even though I was working developing Narayana’s farm land on Kilauea, Hawaii’s only active volcano. Home of non other than, the Lava Demi Goddess, Pele. I had a blast.

Looking forward to spring,


Hari Bol

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