Excerpt from Sanat-kumara-samhita

New Vrindanized by Jaya Murari das

In the Sanat-kumara-samhita, this beautiful prayer is given, which awards direct service to Radha and Krsna!

Verse 1
O Radha-VrindabanChandra, please rescue me from the ocean of birth and death. Please save me from the problems born of home, family and friends. Please break to pieces the fears of your surrendered devotees.

Verse 2

O Radha-VrindabanChandra, today I place myself and everything I possess in this life or in the next at your lotus feet

Verse 3

O Radha-VrindabanChandra, I am an abode of offenses. I have abandoned all spiritual duties. I have no shelter. O Radha-VrindabanChandra, o my Lords, please give me your shelter.

Verse 4

O master of Radha, I am yours. O beloved of VrindabanChandra, I am yours. I offer my thoughts, words and deeds to both of You. You both are the goal of my life.

Verse 5

O Radha-VrindabanChandra, You are like two great oceans of mercy. Please be merciful to me. I take shelter of You and surrender unto You. Although I am a sinner and an offender, please engage me in Your divine service.

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