Nitai’s one year anniversary of leaving planet Earth celebrated in Sridham Mayapur


by Mandali dd

Dear respected Vaisnavas!

My humble obeisances to you.

Yesterday was a most beautiful day. We collected maha garlands from all five members of the Pancatattva as well as many fragrant flowers and decorative leaves from holy trees to create a sacred moment in what was, I feel, already the most beautiful space in the whole of Sridham Mayapur – the rooftop suite of the Vaisnava Academy – laden with the dust of the feet of all the exalted vaishnavas who resided there over and over in their travels through this sacred land.

When we established the presence of Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Giridhari, we were soon fortunate enough to welcome and garland with fragrant prasadam flowers many of Nitai’s friends and admirers who gathered to glorify his beautiful life and great fortunate future. It just so happened that the residents of the Saranagati village in Canada that Nitai frequently visited were here in Mayapur to perform a two week program of chanting prayers from Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura’s Saranagati collection. All came to share this moment with us. Even Dina Tarini devi, Yamuna’s lifelong companion was able to be there in person.

The atmosphere was laden with beautiful emotions of longing, excitement, deep spiritual happiness, pride, and a sense of humorous adventure in sharing Krishna Consciousness. Nitai’s personal presence
was very much felt by all.

We heard enthusiastic heartfelt glorification of Nitai’s life from Dina Tarini Devi, Soma das, Visaka devi, Vrajalila Devi, Giriraj Gopal das, Pancaratna Das, Jagannath Kirtan Das, Deva Devi, Radha Sundari Devi and the wonderful kirtan by Sri Banabehari’s ‘milkmaids’, an affectionate name Yamuna Devi gave to the group of young girls that she taught over the ten years that she spent living in Saranagati Village.

Then we all moved on to the restaurant area, hearts melted with natural spiritual joy and eyes filled with tears of mixed happiness and longing in separation.

The celebration continued with honoring a rich feast of delicious prasadam and concluded with candlelit affectionate kirtana at the home of Vraja Lila Devi and Ekavira Das that went on into the night.

Walking home I felt, how wonderful it was to be allowed to stay on Earth and see how others appreciate someone you hold so dear!

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HG Nitai prabhu ki Jai!!