ECOV Board Meeting – Minutes 12-01-2012

Participating Members of the Board of Directors (constituting a quorum for said meeting to be held):  Madhava Gosh, Navin Shyam, Ranaka, Chaitanya Mangala

Advisors present: Jaya Krsna

1.      Approve agenda

             Proposal for lumber for Madhuban ox barn was added prior to the    meeting but after the revised agenda was sent out.

 2.      Review and approve previous meeting minutes – Completed over e-mail

3.      E-mail approvals completed

  $60K advance on gas lease royalty loan to INMV for purchasing diesel generators, for use as back-up power source during outages.

Project Manager Reports

4. Madhuban project

Sukhavah posted a piece about the Madhuban project on Brijabasi Spirit:

Reawakening Madhuban

Old business

5. 2013 Trees and berries budget

 Motion: Approve $7K to continue purchasing and planting at G7G, the Madhuban site, and elsewhere.

Vote: Approved unanimously.

6. 2013 Deity garden budget

 Jaya Krsna expressed appreciation for the homegrown garlands this has provided.

 Motion: Approve $5K for the deity flower garden.

Vote: Approved unanimously.

7.    Pipeline projects

 Motion: Grant the following projects “Pipeline” status, meaning a majority of the Board is in favor of the projects in theory, and await more details and development for further consideration.  No funds allocated.

Pipeline ECOV Projects

Rough projection

Apartment walkway


Other trails


“Green”ing INMV infrastructure projects


Seed bank


Composting  and recycling facility


Bahulaban Art Studio roof


2013 Potatoes


Drainage at Garden of 7 Gates


ECOV Housing


Ox Barn


Bahulaban Barn Restoration/Demolition


Purchase Freeze Dryer


Bottle refilling stations


Gopal’s Garden development


Pipeline Total


Vote: Approved unanimously.

8. Madhuban vision

No Board action is necessary at this time, but planning will be ongoing throughout the winter.

A Vastu consultant is in NV, and Gosh and Jaya Krsna will consult with him about the project.





9. Lumber for Madhuban ox barn


Motion: $5K to cut and mill lumber from on-site forests to build an ox barn as part of the Madhuban prototype community.


Vote: Approved unanimously.


Some members expressed their concern that the exact placement of the barn not be decided until the Board has heard input from the Vastu consultant, and been able to

contemplate and consider options for the layout of the project as a whole.


10. Investment guidelines


Motion: ECOV will adopt a policy of not offering loans that are unsecured.


Vote: Approved unanimously.


Other policies discussed informally: Exceptions for unsecured microloans / For secured loans, some bare minimums (e.g. a minimum rate of return), as well as some limiting factor (e.g. % of our portfolio, only those aligned with our mission).





12. Next meeting on Saturday, December 29 at 10 AM.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:58 AM. These minutes represent a concise summary of the meeting in its entirety.



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