Vastu Expert Niranjan Babu Visits New Vrindavan

Bangalore Niranjan Babu’s Visit to New Vrindavan

Niranjan Babu opened up a new way of looking at things for New Vrindavan. Niranjan Babu is a well known and respected consultant in Vastu and Astrology. He is the Chief editor of the monthly The Astrological eMagazine as well as the Chairman of the Raman & Rajeswari Research Foundation.

Niranjan Babu has high esteem for Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON and has offered his voluntary service to many ISKCON temples all over the world, among them the TOVP in Mayapur, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Moscow, Kolkata etc.

Niranjan very patiently explained in a public presentation in New Vrindaban about the science of Vastu. He emphasized that Vastu is grounded in Vedic scriptures and is intimately connected with Vedic astrology.  Although a very exact science, Vastu is also practical.  This is what really impressed us about his presentation.  He is very concerned that the spiritual energy in New Vrindavan flow freely and that things be arranged in the optimum way to facilitate this spiritual potency.

Niranjana Babu personally visited all the main areas of New Vrindavan for several days with Jaya Krsna Prabhu, the community president, and very carefully thought about the actions to be taken to counteract the Vastu defects.

He clearly feels Srila Prabhupada’s potency in every ISKCON temple that he has visited, and he also feels that New Vrindavan is a very special place of pilgrimage, having been personally blessed by Srila Prabhupada’s presence Himself on four different occasions.

Niranjana Babu proposed to rejuvenate old Vrindaban, the place Srila Prabhupada lived in 1969 for one month, where He created a Holy Tirtha and when New Vrindaban initially was established. Spiritual practice in old Vrindaban will give strength to the whole community and allow New Vrindaban to flourish.

We are very grateful that Mr. Niranjan Babu has taken his time to work with us, and we look forward to his next visit in spring 2013.

Bangalore Niranjan Babu

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