Hare Krishnas on Channel 7 News, WTRF

Channel 7 News, WTRF, interviewed the devotees at New Vrindavan on Dec. 20, in regards to the Mayan predictions of the supposed Dec. 21  “end of the world.”

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The Hare Krsnas on WTRF Channel 7 News

While doomsday worriers in Moscow head for a Cold-War era bunker, and a village in France prepares for an onslaught of survivalists, at the Hare Krishna temple in New Vrindaban, a preacher there says there’s still time to get ready.

Gaur Natraj Daz, who identifies himself as a devotee and Hare Krishna preacher, said, “We are just 5,000 years into this 432-thousand year old cycle. So there is still roughly 428-thousand years to go.”  Daz explains that according to their beliefs, calendars are set by the age of Brahmin, and the end of the this age will see a giant flood.

“There are these 432,000 years,” Daz said.  “At the end of this, there will be this ‘pralaya.’ There will be a deluge. And everything will be flooded and finished. And then there is a re-creation. I don’t mean ‘recreation.’ A creation, restarted.”

In the meantime, members of the New Vrindaban community and Krishna devotees will continue their chanting, continue to make floral offerings, and take the excitement over the Mayan calendar predictions in stride.

“If the lead-up allows us to be more introspective and conscious of The Lord, that’s a good thing,” Gabriel Fried, Director of Facilities for the New Vrindaban Community said.  “And if something happens and it pulls us all together, and we’re more introspective and conscious of God, that’s also a good thing.”

The Krishna community in West Virginia also houses one of the governing board of commissioners for ISKCON, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.  She goes by the single name, “Malati.”

“We also go by some very ancient scriptures that pre-date the Mayans, and it hasn’t been mentioned in there either,” Malati said.  “Now, there are ends of the world according to our scriptures, but tomorrow’s not one of them,” she continued.

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