Minutes from ECOV Board Meeting 11-10-12

ECOV Board Meeting – Minutes 11-10-2012

Participating Members of the Board of Directors (constituting a quorum for said meeting to be held): Krpamaya, Madhava Gosh, Navin Shyam, Ranaka, Chaitanya Mangala;

Advisors present: Jaya Krsna, Sukhavaha

1.     Approve agenda

Add solar panels at Dhama Seva.

 2.     Review and approve previous meeting minutes

Project Manager Reports

 3.     Madhuban prep

The road is in track to be completed before the winter hits.    The spring restoration is less critical timewise, and will be           taken up in the spring.

4.     Trees and berries

          More terraces have been made in the G7G

Old business

  1. 5.     Solar panels at Dhama Seva property

 Motion: Augment the previously approved solar panel project budget by $6K, to provide for installation of a full system at the Dhama Seva property.  ($5K was already remaining in that original allocation.)  A condition is that, if the property materially changes its current use and purpose as one of the pilgrimage sites in New Vrindaban, the equipment will revert to ECOV.

Vote: Approved unanimously.

Action steps: The form of this agreement must be determined.

6.     Gorsky property

The current price has been confirmed by our real estate attorney as unrealistically high.  We will therefore continue on our course of waiting.


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