Yoga Comes to Gopal’s Garden Home School Co-op

Kids love yoga.  Even the most energetic child can calm down and relax under the guidance of an expert yoga teacher.

Gaurnatraj prabhu now teaches yoga asanas weekly to the children at New Vrindavan’s Home School Co-op, which remains under the loving care of Mother Ruci, a long-time teacher in New Vrindavan.

At 12 noon on Tuesday mornings, the kids get together, yoga mats under their arms, waiting for Gaurnatraj prabhu to lead them through their Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation).  All the 4 home school co-op participants very eagerly stretch and bend along with Gaurnatraj.  Gaurnatraj laughs with the kids, making it a very fun yoga session.  Besides recess, yoga classes are the kids’ second favorite class of the day!

Hare Krsna.


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