BlueHome Artworks Gift Shop thanks you all.

Thanks to All for Your Support of  BlueHome Artworks during its First Year  

by Jesse and Lilasuka Hanson

New Vrindaban’s newest gift shop, BlueHome Artworks, would like to take this opportunity to thank the NV management and members of the community, as well as the guests who have supported our shop in its fledgling first year. Notice that I’ve used the word “year” instead of “season”, because it is our full intention for the shop to be a year-round business—integrating the physical location with online availability, craft fairs, and other creative marketing possibilities.

At this same time, we would like to express our deep appreciation to our consigning artists, artisans, and crafts persons. The response by these individuals has been quite phenomenal and accordingly we have, in the short few months since we began, acquired so many wonderful creations (mostly one of a kind, original works), which are now available to our customers.
Thus, I’d like to reiterate Our Mission Statement: To support artists and artisans by creating a viable outlet for their work. To support and encourage works that somehow elevate the spirit. To contribute to the ongoing development of New Vrindaban spiritual community.

So, whether you’re looking for that special gift for a friend or loved one, or a work of art to complete the look of a room in your home, we invite you to come down (or up, as the case may be) and browse through our store. And now you will be able to shop BlueHome Artworks from home at our­—soon to be open— In the future, I’ll be blogging directly from that website.
You can even shop our shop on facebook at!/pages/BlueHome-Artworks/413228792046370?fref=ts Just click the “shop now” button on the main page.

Some new items that have recently been consigned are: a great selection of fragrances, essential oils, and incense. We also have a good supply of the Festival of Colors Tee-shirts.

Finally, BlueHome Artworks would like to congratulate Jaya Krisna and all those who dedicated themselves so effectively to create the highly successful first annual New Vrindaban Festival of Colors.

Your Servants, Jesse and Lilasuka

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Reader Comments

Thank you for supporting my art work! I loved being a part of it! Did my pieces sell? Hare Krishna! Jai Radhe!
Subadra Matsji
Uma Karthikeyan

Haribol Uma. We still have your 2 beautiful Radha paintings. We are thinking of putting them in attractive frames to give them a “new life”. We’ll let you know how that goes. The season is slowing down a bit now, but we do have a website where we’ll market everything in the store. Hare Krsna. From Jesse and Lilasuka.