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New Vrindaban’s first Festival of Colors at the Palace of Gold, Moundsville, WV: it was an amazing festival, around 1200 people participated the festival. For more info @www.nvfestivalofcolors.com

The amazing group “Ananda Groove” rocks the crowds at the first annual Festival Of Colors in the New Vrndavan community of Moundsville, West Virginia. Over 1,000 people attended.

From Channel 9 WTOV:


About 1,000 people attended the Festival of Colors Saturday at the Palace of Gold in Moundsville as a way of celebrating life.

The festival has roots in Hindu stories and is traditionally celebrated every spring by Hindus. The event included food, live music and a showering of several colors, which are used to represent the colors of life in nature.

“This festival is not a religious festival. It has a root in religion, but this is a festival for everyone — all classes of people from different backgrounds are invited here to join us,” said Vrindavana Das, the festival organizer. “It’s a festival for people who want to enjoy their life, share love for each other.”

Organizers said they plan to hold the event again next year.

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