A Non-religious Guest’s Travelog of the Palace of Gold

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Raji’s Travelog


I am not a deeply religious person, and temples are not in my most visited places, but ever since I heard about the ISKCON temple in Moundsville, West Virginia, I wanted to visit it, for reasons like its absolutely beautiful location, the fact that the township is called “New Vrindavan(yes, there is a township in USA called Vrindavan!) and I am a fan of the entire ISKCON movement. Their energy, belief and enthusiasm is incredible. To the non-believers, they may resemble some hippies singing Hare Krishna Hare Ram, but they say their prayers take them away to some other world, far beyond this materialistic one! It doesn’t matter whether you belong to the Hindu religion or not, if you are a Krishna devotee or not, visiting an ISKCON temple is always a joyous experience.

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