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Thoughts from a college student on local food culture, restaurants and gastronomy.

One Student’s Thoughts

For those of you who know me, you know that I’m very interested in theology. I love learning about other cultures. My friend, Kaitlynn, got word that the Hindu temple in New Moundsville (New Vrindaban – Palace of Gold) was going to celebrate Holi, which is an ancient Indian traditional festival – a celebration of life.

This was their first Festival of Colors, and they got more than 1,080 people. There were bands, food, tons of color throwing and some merch. We bought our tickets online, which gave us five bags of powder, a T-shirt, and a vegetarian meal.

The vegetarian meal was like chicken tikka masala (but with potatoes instead of chicken), rice and a berry dessert. Yum!

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Hare Krsna:
I’m sorry you were disturbed by the spelling. Bad grammar and spelling also bother me, when I’m reading as it disturbs the flow.
However, I would appreciate if you would specify to which articles you are referring – you mentioned “several” posts.
I often just copy and paste other people’s articles, and add a link and credits to their original article, in which case I don’t edit or proofread their article.
In this case, perhaps that is what you are referring to in “One Student’s Thoughts”, which I simply copied and pasted as I had permission to quote this person’s article so I didn’t feel authorized to edit it.
On my own articles, I try to be very careful about spelling.
Thank you for your comments and I’m glad you’re willing to come back again and continue to read the Brijabasi Spirit for the content and, hopefully, the spiritual upliftment.
Hare Krsna