Kudos to Two Local Environmentally Conscious Firms

Kudos to Two Local Environmentally Conscious Firms

New Vrindavan is the fortunate benefactor of 800 tons of milled asphalt from the Lindy Paving Co in PA, thanks to the services of the Rettew National Design and Engineering Consulting firm.

We’ve been taking road materials from the repair work done on our local county roads and we’ll be using it to build new roads and infrastructure in our local community.

This is the epitome of the LEED (Land Environment Economics and Development) doctrine in action.

We really appreciate the up-to-date sustainable consciousness of the Rettew Co.  In their own words:

“RETTEW is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. In addition to our focus on resource conservation and sustainable design projects, we are committed to behaving in an environmentally responsible way in our everyday business practice.”

You can read more about their work at  http://www.rettew.com/about-us/sustainability-commitment/ and http://www.rettew.com/services/sustainable-design/.

The Lindy Paving Co. has been invaluable in helping this work be a success.

Please see more information about Lindy Paving in New Galilee, PA at www.pjdick.com.

We thank both the Rettew Associates, Inc. and Lindy Paving for their generosity and commitment to such a high minded environmental cause.

We hope that the extended community joins us in recognizing their contribution in this regard.

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