New Vrindaban’s Festival of Colors 2012

On Saturday September 15, 11am – 6 pm

Color your life and throw your worries to the wind! That’s the Festival of Colors.

We’re all in this together. We all speak one language on this ecstatic day. Come and celebrate the variety of life. The Festival of Colors is neither religious nor secular – it is a family friendly gathering of people united in their desire to celebrate life.

This day will energize and bring colors into every aspect of your life.


5   –   4   –   3  –   2      –     1    –           THROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every two hours there will be a unified “color throwing”!! And ”Ecstatic Mantra Music”!!

Many of you have heard of the Holi celebration where brightly colored, organic powdered chalk is thrown into the air in a tradition dating back thousands of years in India. For safety and health reasons, colors from outside are strictly prohibited.

Visit the vendors on the field between each throwing to get all kinds of souvenirs and other merchandise.

At New Vrindaban Community (Palace of Gold), 3759 McCreary’s Ridge Road, Moundsville, WV 26041

Prepay online:

Discounted festival package

Limited tickets – book now!

For more information:

Vrindavana Das

Tell: 304-845-1600 ext. 120 or



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Reader Comments

The web site says that “The police will be checking each and every visitor and go through their bags.” Seriously? Has it come to that?

New Vrindaban is a spiritual community with high standards in regards to any sort of intoxication, meat eating and violence. The festival committee wants to assure that the gathering is peaceful and gives everybody the opportunity to enjoy the throwing of colors peacefully.

If you have nothing to hide then there is no problem. I think it is probably best as it is a spiritual place, you wouldnt allow people to sneak anything into a church would you?