“A Wonderful Surprise!”

It looks like this group of visitors to the Palace of Gold left very satisfied.

Read their report here and see the link below.

“You cannot imagine how wonderful a surprise it is to see such an amazing place in the middle of nowhere. I arranged a large group visit, I cannot begin to tell you how helpful and respectful the staff was from the planning stage to the visit with sleeping arrangements, meals and tours. Do not expect luxury or even the basics of the lowest star hotel if you plan to stay there, you will receive the very simple camping/dorm style accommodation with shared toilet and showers. What you will receive in return is an understanding of how we can very easily live without the comforts we take for granted and think we cannot live without. I left there with a new respect for the way these people live and how talented they all are, the realization that I am spoilt and need the pampering a fine weekend away delivers is making me plan another weekend to this fine place as a reality check is in need. Wonderful architecture, amazing artisans, peacocks roaming freely, delicious vegetarian indian food and if you are able to, go during one of there festivals.

You will leave at peace and feel totally relaxed. Again, if you’re planning an overnight or weekend trip I must caution you, if you need soft fluffy towels and ensuite bathrooms, stay at a local hotel and commute. I am all about the finer things in life when travelling and had to make a serious attitude adjustment when entering my dorm style bunked bedroom and rather run down shared bathroom/shower. I took my own bed linens and pillows and slippers for the showers.

Even if you do not stay, just go and explore the grounds you will not be disappointed.”


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