What’s your favorite service for Krsna?

What’s your favorite service for Krsna?

Jayesh and Vaishali from Cincinnati love to feed the peacocks.

Like many pilgrims, they bring their family at least twice a year to New Vrindaban, where they especially love to relax in the peaceful beauty that surrounds them.  They can usually be spotted with Grandpa, generously feeding the hungry peacocks from a maha-big size bag of wild bird feed.  “It’s all Grandpa’s idea.  He loves to feed the peacocks in New Vrindaban, so we bring a huge bag of bird feed each time we come,” exclaims Jayesh.

“I especially like the recipes I find on the Iskcon Desire Tree website,” states Vaishali.

Jayesh and Vaishali and their family show their devotion to Lord Krsna by feeding His beloved peacocks and by cooking for Krsna.  This devotional attitude is our ticket back to Godhead.

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