Seminar July 17th – 19th

Removing Suffering and Unhappiness


Allowing love to flow in all of our relationships.

·         Understand your family system from a wider and more informed perspective.

  • ·         Identify hidden information that can unblock the flow of love.
  • ·         Unravel personal issues embedded in family entanglements
  • ·         Access the healing potential inherent in the family/spiritual field.

Lifetime after lifetime, we are conditioned to behave and act in a certain way influenced by our family system and according to the environment, culture and education.  All this determines our way of acting and thinking.  Srila Prabhupada describes in detail how we are conditioned in so many ways and how we are stuck in the pain and suffering of our past experiences.

In this workshop we will explore ways to move forward towards the fulfilling life you were meant to have.  Family Constellations is a deeply spiritual process that relies on the Mercy of Bhakti to reveal the hidden dynamics that ties us to suffering and unhappiness, and open the door to allow the love to flow where it was previously blocked.

Date:                           July 17th – 19th, 2012

Place                            Under the Lodge

Time                            10:30am – 1:30pm      3:30pm – 6:00pm

Facilitated by Krsna Lila devi dasi, New York

CRISTINA CASANOVA, MA.,M.Ed.,SEP,FCF is a graduate of Columbia University, Counseling Psychology Department.  She worked as a school counselor and school administrator at the Department of Education in New York City for 33 years.  She is also a professor at New York University where she teaches Graduate course in Applied Psychology.  She is a certified trauma specialist, as well as a Facilitator of Systemic Family Constellation s. Besides the US, she travels and teaches in Europe and Latin America, and has a private practice.

Suggested donation:   $18 for six sessions

Registration:                Lilasuka dd – 304 843 1600, ext. 106

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