6th Annual New Vrindavan 24 Hour Kirtan 2012 Schedule

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2012 SCHEDULE (all times are EST)

Saturday, June 16

8:00 AM Class by HH Radhanath Swami on the Glories of the Holy Names
10:50 AM Inauguration Ceremony at Yajnasala

11:00 AM Madhava Das
12:30 PM Bada Hari Das
1:30 PM Ananta Govinda & Kesava
2:30 PM Jagannath Kirtan Das
3:00 PM Manorama Das
3:30 PM Rasa Caitanya Das
4:00 PM Kishori Yatra
4:30 PM Shyam Kishore Das & Rasamrita DD
5:00 PM Rasikananda Das
5:30 PM Nirantara Das
6:00 PM Abhay Charan Das p
6:30 PM Gaura Mani DD
7:00 PM Param Das
7:30 PM HH Radhanath Swami
8:30 PM Agnideva Das
9:30 PM Gaura Vani Das
10:30 PM Vishvambhar & Vrinda
11:30 PM Bhakti Lata DD

Sunday, June 17

12:00 AM Ram Roy Das
1:00 AM Acyuta Gopi DD
2:00 AM Ananta Govinda Das
3:00 AM Rupi & Kumari
4:00 AM Madhava
5:00 AM Balarama Tirtha & Dhanya
6:00 AM Sarbani Bardhan
6:30 AM Keli Lalita DD
7:00 AM HH Varshana Swami
7:30 AM Bhadra Das
8:00 AM Thakur Das
8:30 AM Vani DD
9:00 AM Krsna Kishor Das
9:30 AM Bada Hari Das
10:30 AM Agnideva Das



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