The Little Shop of Horripilations

Hare Krsna .
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

We just had the “Festival of Inspiration” here in New Vrindavana, and my friends, Jesse S. Hanson and Lilasuka devi dasi  opened a new  gift shop of original, hand-made art  items  for the devotees, in the Lodge building, called “BlueHome Artworks“. They are consigning art~books~music~crafts.  I call it the “little shop of horror-ripilations,” because store patrons will get goose bumps, or horripilations, all over from seeing the amazing art, handicrafts and poems of the New Vrindavana devotees!

Verse- “Who could fathom his bhajana-bhava, except he himself? When he chanted harinama, tears streamed down his cheeks, his voice choked up, and his body erupted in horripilation. “
>>> Ref. VedaBase => JDH 40: Sampatti-dasa: The State of Perfection

The devotees of Lord Krishna are very artistic and creative, and there are so many poets,  artists, writers and artisans living here in New Vrindavana. So the little store opened in time for the Festival of Inspiration, and it was stocked to the gills with the art talents of NV devotees, who make clay pots, candles, jewelry and art work, and so on.

Also, it stocks various writings of the devotees of NV.  Jesse and I were talking one day, and we decided to pool the talents of our local poets and writers and compile an Anthology of poems and short stories. There are many poets and writers who live in New Vrndavana.  As a result, we have 7 authors contributing to this volume of poems and short stories, titled “Grains of Devotion.”

The little shop also stocked the 2 Jayananda Thakur books, Volume 1, “The Beautiful Life of Jayananda Thakur,” and Volume 2, “A Day in the Life of Jayananda Thakur.”

And as kirtan was going strong outside in the court area, and kartals were ringing “chink chink” very blissfully – and also Jayananda prabhu, in his books, was ringing up a sweet music of “chink chink” on the cash registar keys, and then dancing in the hearts of devotees, and many devotees were “adding to their carts” both blue and orange Jayananda books, thus doubling the victory of bliss.

Begging to become a servant of the servant of the Lord,  Vishoka dasa

The little shop "BlueHome Artworks"

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