Every Nook and Cranny Should be Beautiful

“Every Nook and Cranny Should be Beautiful”

Interview with Maitreya dasa, Radha Vrindabanchandra’s Groundskeeper

by Lilasuka dasi


“The Mayapur gardens should be beautiful and orderly, just like the gardens in Dwarka.”

This statement by Srila Prabhupada motivates Maitreya das to take meticulous care of Radha Vrindabancandra’s grounds.  Maitreya says “You can’t separate beauty from Krsna. In Canto 1 of the Srimad Bhagavatam, Srila Prabhupada states that in a godly civilization, things are aesthetic even on the fighting front. For example, as soldiers go off to war, there are bands playing, orderly,  synchronized marching and a lot of fanfare.”


Maitreya also knows that the benefits of whatever service you perform in New Vrindaban, just as in Vrindaban, can’t be lost.

Anyone who does any work to improve the outside area of the temple, even picking up a piece of garbage off the ground, gets the eternal benefit of serving the Lord.  Such service also benefits the person who is just strolling around, admiring the cleanliness and beauty, whether they are a resident or a guest. So everyone is benefitted when Krsna’s grounds are orderly.

There are ample opportunities for guests to help out with RVC ground maintenance by weeding, sweeping the walks, raking, or pruning. Just find Maitreya and he’ll put you to work.


Maitreya recommends: “Everyone should read the chapter in the Caitanya Caritamrta about the cleansing of the Gundica temple.  Lord Caitanya cleaned the entire temple not only once but twice! He and His devotees cleaned absolutely every surface with fresh, clean water.  They cleaned the floors and walls – even the ceilings! And THEN they cleaned the road outside the temple.  Lord Caitanya was actually trying to give us an example of cleansing the heart.”


Maitreya also feels it is important to work with the contour of the land, emphasizing the beautiful aspects and enhancing everything in a very natural way, rather than clearing the land and re-planting things that are not native to the region.

He feels that if we see Krsna everywhere, not just in the Deity form, we will go the extra few steps to pick up that piece of garbage that mars the beauty of Krsna’s lawn.

In conclusion, Maitreya’s vision is that every nook and cranny of Krishna’s land should be attractive and beautiful.


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Jaya! All Glories to your devotional service, Maitreya dasa prabhu!

Thank you, Prabhu for a nice article. The second phase of our Krsna consciousness movement will be based on land, cows, grhasthas and varnasrama-dharma. Thank you for your service.