Festival of Inspiration a success!

Festival of Inspiration a Success!

by Lilasuka dasi

Every Festival of Inspiration is more ecstatic than the last. The twelfth annual Festival of Inspiration has come and gone, but the excitement still lingers on in the hearts and minds of those who participated.

Many people helped to make the Festival a grand success, under the expert guidance of Mother Malati.  The intricate details of organization, once again, made things go smoothly. Different guests share their variegated experiences.

One newer resident remarked: “I somehow felt very enlivened with the association of so many of the Srila Prabhupada disciples all in one place. Their bright smiles, filled with deep understanding and compassion were very encouraging to me.”

One guest remarked: “The bathrooms were, for the most part, clean and well stocked. That’s important.”

Another visitor declared, “I had wonderful accommodations since a devotee opened their home for me and my family.  The prasadam was healthy and tasty.  Bhaktimarga Swami’s drama about Maharaj Dhruva was my favorite part.  The Saturday night dance was also fascinating.”

Some people were also talking about the talented devotees at the rocking kirtan which was part of the Saturday night entertainment.

It seemed to some that both the temple and the front lawn kirtans transported you out of this world. One  guest related how she is from a small temple, so the wonderful kirtans at the Festival, led by a variety of empowered devotees, young and old, were a very special treat for her.

The workshop presentations were stimulating and well- presented from the “Dealing with Sexual Desire” seminar to the “One Chord Wonder” workshop on harmonium.

The outdoor vendors provided a variety of fun shopping. Many guests also browsed and shopped at the newly opened “BlueHome Artworks”, a shop that boasts the many arts, music, books and crafts talents of devotees and friends.

The association alone was worth coming for, according to one young lady, who declared: “The association at this Festival was very important to me. Cooking in the kitchen with the “2nd generation” devotees and others was the most uplifting part.  The cooks saw to the minutest details and even put icing and garnishes on gingersnap cookies as if they were cooking for one special guest in a gourmet restaurant, instead of 1,000 cookies for a big Festival! In conclusion, I can say that before the Festival, I just wasn’t feeling connected. But as a result of this Festival of Inspiration, I was reminded that I am part of a dynamic, vibrant movement.”

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