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An Unexpected Pregnancy

2012 has been the Year of the Calves, with four calves born before June. But just when we thought we had seen the last baby for awhile, an unexpected pregnancy was detected by Caitanya Bhagavat. Saraswati, a gentle Jersey cow, will be giving birth shortly, and has been moved from Bahulaban to the Goshalla to await her […]

Just on loan

The Memorial Day Weekend has wound down but will not be forgotten.  The new BlueHome Artworks Gift Shop had many visitors who loved the original, hand-made pieces of art, books, music and crafts. Many new artisans also consigned their original pieces to the store.  All artists, writers, musicians!!! Please come forth with your wares.  We […]

The Little Shop of Horripilations

Hare Krsna . All glories to Srila Prabhupada! We just had the “Festival of Inspiration” here in New Vrindavana, and my friends, Jesse S. Hanson and Lilasuka devi dasi  opened a new  gift shop of original, hand-made art  items  for the devotees, in the Lodge building, called “BlueHome Artworks“. They are consigning art~books~music~crafts.  I call […]

Srila Prabhupada in Original Bahulaban Barn

Memorial Day Weekend and BlueHome Artworks Gift Shop.

Stay tuned for the jam-packed and fun-filled Memorial Day Weekend Schedule, to be posted soon! And don’t forget.  New Vrindaban’s new very special gift shop, BlueHome Artworks,  will be open this weekend for its 3rd weekend! BlueHome Artworks sells only hand-made and custom designed products made by local people and friends. The BlueHome Artworks is […]

Every Nook and Cranny Should be Beautiful

“Every Nook and Cranny Should be Beautiful” Interview with Maitreya dasa, Radha Vrindabanchandra’s Groundskeeper by Lilasuka dasi BEAUTY OF THE DHAMA “The Mayapur gardens should be beautiful and orderly, just like the gardens in Dwarka.” This statement by Srila Prabhupada motivates Maitreya das to take meticulous care of Radha Vrindabancandra’s grounds.  Maitreya says “You can’t […]

Festival of Inspiration….one more thing.

There is one more important detail about the Festival of Inspiration. This was Malati Prabhu’s last year putting on the Festival.  We are sending out a huge THANK YOU to Malati for her years of hard work and devotion to the Festival of Inspiration.  However, the NV community will take it up and continue this […]

Route 88 will be Closed Sunday from 10 AM till 5 PM from Route 250 to the intersection of Route 86

Dear Devotees, According to the Marshall Count Sheriff, Route 88 will be Closed Sunday from 10 AM till 5 PM from Route 250 to the intersection of Route 86. Route 86 is Butch’s Corner. There are NO Signs at Bethlehem indicating that Rt. 88 will be Closed from 10:00 AM Till 5:00 PM. Several miles […]

Festival of Inspiration a success!

Festival of Inspiration a Success! by Lilasuka dasi Every Festival of Inspiration is more ecstatic than the last. The twelfth annual Festival of Inspiration has come and gone, but the excitement still lingers on in the hearts and minds of those who participated. Many people helped to make the Festival a grand success, under the […]

Festival Of Inspiration Schedule

Check out the Festival of Inspiration schedule here.