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Welcome the 2 new cows!

Welcome the new cows by Rasa Priya Gopi dasi We’re pleased to welcome two pregnant Brown Swiss heifers, who were gifted by separate Indian donors. They are both two years old and due to calf in May. They were rescued from a closed dairy farm in Middletown, MD.  Lalita Gopi has temporarily named them Jamuna […]

New! Mahabharata Discussions on Wednesdays

Dear Devotees, I invite you to join me on Wednesday evenings.  I’ve  started a program of Mahabharata discussion which  began this Wed. April 4 with a short reading from the Mahabharata I’ve been writing for some years.  My rendering of the Mahabharata is cinematic in its approach – that is, lean and action packed.  Wednesdays […]

Tuesday, April 10 @ 2:45 — Land Stewardship Site Visit

Dear Brijabasis, Please accept my humble obeisances.  All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Last month, WVU hosted a Land Stewardship Open House.  At that meeting, a variety of topics were discussed including deer management, a long-term forestry management plan, and parikrama paths and interpretive trails. Next Tuesday, April 10, WVU will be returning to New Vrindaban […]

24 hour kirtan June 16-17 in New Vrindavan

Get ready! 24 Hour Kirtan is coming to New Vrindaban on June 16-17, 2012 The 24-Hour Kirtan is celebrating its 6th Anniversary this year! Please join in the spiritual fun! Haribol!!  

Super Saturday Kirtan April 7 2012

Super Saturday Kirtan This Saturday April 7th 2012 , once again we present the Super Saturday Kirtan for the pleasure of Sri Sri Radha Vrindavanchandra. Chant Chant Chant! Bring everyone together and relish the names of Krishna. This time we hope to have all the Super Devotees From New Vrindaban!! Hari Hari Bol ! Come  […]

A Wedding Story

by Hari Chakra das They had chosen just the right moment. According to the astrological calculations of the head priest, Sat. Mar. 3 at exactly 11:53 AM was the most auspicious time for Hari Chakra das and Maharasa dasi to enter the sacred union of marriage (grhastha asrama). Their ceremony took place right on time […]

Prabhupada Views Calves In New Vrindaban