Adjusting to a New Life

Adjusting to A New Life

by Rasa Priya Gopi dasi

Adjusting To A New Life

Cows have emotions just like humans do, and they remember who has hurt them or their family members. They are also known to worry about their future. Cows that have not been treated with kindness will naturally have trust issues.

Such is the case with our newly rescued cows, Malati and Jamuna. Most likely, they were not treated very well at the dairy, but they’re rapidly adjusting to their new life at New Vrindaban. The devotees are especially kind to the cows and care for them as individuals.

Jaya Prabhupada is keeping them in the barn’s corral for awhile to establish a friendship with them. Lalita Gopi encourages people to try to feed them. She says they’ll soon make a positive association with humans and food and become friendlier.

For now, the two friends are at least enjoying each other’s companionship and their peaceful surroundings.

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