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Nrsimha Caturdasi Celebrated this Sat. May 5.

Please join us this Saturday: NRSIMHA CATURDASI Schedule  Weekend of May 4 – 6, 2012 Friday May 4th 7:00pm            Gaura Arati by HG Gauranga 7:30pm            Narasimha Caturdashi Class by HG Gauranga 8:30pm            Shayan Arati Saturday May 5th                    5.00am            Mangala Artika 5:45am            Japa session 6:00 am            Srimad-Bhagavatam Class by HG […]

OG ECOV – Organic Gardening for a Self-Sustainable Future with EcoV

Hare Krishna, Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Jaya Gaura Nitai! Today marks two weeks from when I arrived at the holy dhama, New Vrindavan. Our Merciful Lord has been showering me with the blessings of a new beautiful family and life of service. I am very excited to be here […]

Playful Calves

Playful Calves by Rasa Priya Gopi Our two calves, Rupal Soma (left) and Gandharvika (right) have formed a strong bond of friendship. They’ve become like sisters and are inseparable. Their playful antics help them develop strength and coordination… and are fun to watch!

Adjusting to a New Life

Adjusting to A New Life by Rasa Priya Gopi dasi Adjusting To A New Life Cows have emotions just like humans do, and they remember who has hurt them or their family members. They are also known to worry about their future. Cows that have not been treated with kindness will naturally have trust issues. […]

Prabhupada Speaks with Vaikunthanath’s Parents, New Vrindaban, 1976

The sound is missing for a while in the beginning, keep listening. Note a cameo appearance by Hladini dd in an early crowd scan.

Let There Be Light

LET THERE BE LIGHT by Krpamaya das Last weekend I was walking towards the temple from Prabhupada’s Palace. When I reached the temple a young devotee named Tripti cried out “Prabhu, can you please help me?” She was brimming to the chin with light bulbs. Tottering in her small hands, the light bulb boxes were […]

Beautiful article on Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold

Please see this beautiful article on Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold, written up in e-magazine out of Morgantown, WV. It is written by Rachel Henderson and photographed by Rebecca Kiger Fotografia.    

A Shy Cow Story

A Shy Cow by Rasa Priya Gopi dasi Lalita Gopi tries to coax a nervous Jamuna into the Goshalla to take supper.  Jamuna is one of New Vrindaban’s two newest cows.

Interview with Community President Jaya Krsna das

reported by Lilasuka dasi Q: What is your main realization now that you’ve come to the end of your first year in NV? A: I am more than ever convinced that NV has enormous potential. I see that due to the many sacrifices made by the devotees who lived here in the past, NV became […]

Tuesday, April 24 — Land Stewardship Plan Presentation

Dear Brijabasis, Please accept my humble obeisances.  All glories to Srila Prabhupada. New Vrindaban has been working in collaboration with West Virginia University in Morgantown (WVU) to develop a Land Stewardship Plan for our community.  Last month, WVU hosted an Open House, and this month the same group hosted a Site Visit. On Tuesday, April […]