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Bamboo is Ready; Berry and Tree Shipping Times

I told devotees they could  start transplanting the bamboo in April but due to the unseasonably warm weather, it is now April climatically. So it would be a good time to be digging the bamboo NOW.  This would be good for me also as after the 2nd of April shipments of trees and berries will […]

Gaura Purnima Day Mercy

Any activity that you begin on Gaura Purnima day becomes very auspicious. There is a special, true story in this regard. On the afternoon of Gaura Purnima, on March 8, a few of us were chanting bhajans in the temple room for the pleasure of their Lordships Sri Sri Gaura Nitai. As we were doing […]

You Have a Friend

“Krsna is within you. He is sitting within your heart as a friend, not as an enemy. Krsna is always your friend. Suhrdam sarva-bhutanam [Bg. 5.29]. You are searching out friends to talk with, to joke with, to love. Krsna is sitting there for that purpose. “If you love Krsna, if you make friendship with […]

Got Cows?

Got Cows?  The New Vrindaban Community’s Vision and Planning team wants to step up its cow protection program. To this end, the Planning Team wants to expand the current milking herd up to 10 cows and to eventually have 10 pair of oxen to work the land as well.  Krsna seems to be very pleased […]

New Vrindaban Community, West Virginia

Click here: From the San Diego Reader to watch the video. by Robert Isenberg You might not expect a Hare Krishna temple in the hills of West Virginia, but the New Vrindaban community has been an active spiritual retreat since 1968. I recently took a road trip with my friend Jen Resnick to this peculiar […]

Open House: Developing a Land Stewardship Plan for New Vrindavan

  We will be having an Open House next Tues. March 13 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM under the Lodge in New Vrindavan.    This will be a collaborative session between the devotees and a group of enthusiastic graduate students, consisting of members of Morgantown’s WVU Community Design Team, coordinated by Jenny Selin. They have become very inspired by […]

UPDATED Gaura Purnima Schedule Thurs. Mar. 8

Please note the addition of an ecstatic Bharata Natyam dance to the evening Gaura Purnima Schedule. Thank you. UPDATED GAURA PURNIMA SCHEDULE New Vrindavan Thursday March 8: 5:00 AM            Mangal Arati 5:30 AM                 NRSIMHA PRAYERS                                        5:45 AM                TULASI PRAYERS 6:00 AM                 JAPA           7:45 AM                 GURU PUJA 8:00 […]

Gaura Purnima Schedule for Thurs. March 8. Haribol!

GAURA PURNIMA SCHEDULE  Thursday March 8: Morning:                     5:00 AM                 Mangal Arati 5:30 AM                 NRSIMHA PRAYERS                                        5:45 AM                TULASI PRAYERS 6:00 AM                 JAPA 7:45 AM                 GURU PUJA 8:00 AM                GREETING THE DEITIES IN THEIR NEW    GAURA PURNIMA OUTFIT 8:30 AM                 SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM CLASS  Evening: 5:00 PM TO […]

Berry Order Ready to Go

I have put together the berry order for the Garden of Seven Gates (temple garden) as follows. Please advise me of your needs if you want to order with us as I will order this coming weekend. Berries and cherries need deer protection, except maybe not the brambles (raspberries and blackberries). Donations to help with […]

We’re Celebrating Gaura Purnima this Thurs. March 8

Today we’re cleaning up the temple in preparation for Lord Caitanya’s Appearance Day Celebration to be held this Thursday March 8, 2012 in the evening. We will have the full schedule ready to post shortly. Stay tuned. Please join us if you can. Hare Krishna!