A Spiritual Perspective on Agriculture by Gaura Natraja dasa

“Varnasrama (a social system where every person is engaged according to his/her propensity for their spiritual upliftment) is not possible without agriculture and cows”.  I had heard this a million times, at times even experienced a little bit of it . But yesterday by the mercy of Krishna I got a very nice clear picture of it. We visited ISCOWP (International Society for Cow Protection)  farm maintained by Balabhadra Prabhu yesterday.

When speaking on agriculture, Balabhadra Prabhu said Mother Earth becomes happy when she is ploughed by the bull because the bull represents dharma (real religion). When the ploughing releases dust from the earth the fragrance is once again Krishna. Again Krishna states in the Gita that  “I am the seed-giving father” and truly when we plant the seed into the ground we are cultivating living entities to serve Krishna. When the fruits and flowers are given out by Mother Earth (Bhudevi- Wife of Vishnu) we use them in the service of Krishna . So all the fruits and flowers become devotees. If we look at every living entity like this, then the saying “Sarva khalvidam brahma” becomes true.

We were patting the bull Shri and then Priyavrata, and they were so gentle and loving. I had never seen such gentle bulls before. It can only be because of the love and care given to them that they are so gentle. It made us realize that attraction for Krishna means attraction for cows,bulls, nature, agriculture and all living entities.

Haribol !  Gomata ki jai !
All glories to Dharma the bull !

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