New Sign In New Vrindaban


As a State Road runs right through New Vrindaban anyone who wants to can drive near the temple and lodge. Sometimes young men, agitated by frustrated hormonal urges, feel a need to vandalize, just as young men everywhere have been doing for thousands of years.  Occasionally New Vrindaban bears the brunt of this.

While there is a night watchman, there has also been a video surveillance system put in for  problem areas.   Here is the sign that has been installed so potential hooligans know it is there.

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Reader Comments

I give it a week till the first bullethole (in the “lens” where they think the cams located !), and 2 B4 it’s knockdown.
Just goodoleboys havin fun .

I don’t gamble but if I did, I wouldn’t bet against you.

while it is still a little cool out, vandalism to that sign at some point this summer does seem inevitable.