Devotees Do Care

Devotees Do Care

Devotees do care……..and sometimes feelings get hurt.

There have been many devotees through the years who have really been there to help other devotees in need in the New Vrindavan community. Devotees, old and new, continue to do this kind of much-needed service. There has also formally been a committee set up on the Master Vision Planning Team to address devotee care and relations on many levels.

On one level, devotee care includes the aspect of physical support, such as rides to town, someone to provide the toothpaste and shampoo that someone else needs but can’t get, chapatis for someone who has a hard time cooking for themselves, and the list goes on. On another level, there is the issue of different possible ways available to address the underlying causes when someone’s feelings get hurt. The Devotee Care Team is seeking to address all of the above and appreciates everyone who is part of this kind of service, both those behind the scenes anonymously, and those working on the team.

Sukavaha has agreed to be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM in the temple library in order to coordinate efforts regarding devotee care. She is a certified “life coach” and a mediator. Her interest is to do what she can to help create connection and understanding where there has been upset, hurt and fear. When devotees feel understood, heard, appreciated and supported the atmosphere of compassionate care can permeate New Vrindavan.

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