Got Cows?

Got Cows?

 The New Vrindaban Community’s Vision and Planning team wants to step up its cow protection program. To this end, the Planning Team wants to expand the current milking herd up to 10 cows and to eventually have 10 pair of oxen to work the land as well.

 Krsna seems to be very pleased that Srila Prabhupada’s instructions for New Vrindaban are in fact being followed in this regard. Specifically, Krsna has motivated two donors to donate four milking cows already this year and we offer much thanks to these donors.

 Two of these milking cows, Anjali Soma and Asha Soma, have already arrived in NV and have given birth to two new females, namely little Gandharvika and little Rupal Soma.  Two new heifers will be bought at an auction soon.

 The next part of the cow protection plan is to buy two oxen. If anyone is interested in sponsoring one or a pair of oxen to work on the land of the Holy Dhama of New Vrindaban, please contact Lilasuka dasi at 304-843-1600 ext. 106.


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