Berry Order Ready to Go

I have put together the berry order for the Garden of Seven Gates (temple garden) as follows. Please advise me of your needs if you want to order with us as I will order this coming weekend. Berries and cherries need deer protection, except maybe not the brambles (raspberries and blackberries).

Donations to help with the costs of the berries gladly accepted and helps us be able to plant even more than we already have budgeted.

Bush Cherries 4-5′ spacing For best yield, plant two or more.

Nanking $4.
Hansen $5

Blueberries (several varieties to spread the season out longer) $7 5′ spacing

Blue Crop
Blue Ray
Duke – very early
Elizabeth – late
Elliot – late
Sweetheart (early mid season, then again in fall) $9 (different company)

Raspberries $2.50 3′ spacing

Heritage everbearing
Prelude early
Taylor late season
Lauren early midseason

Blackberries 4-5′ spacing

Prime Jim fall bearing $5
Ouadata thornless summer bearing $4

Currants $8 4′ spacing

Ben Sarek (black)
Rovada (red)
Pink Champagne

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