New Vrindaban Bovine Family Grows

It’s a girl!

The second calf of 2012 was born yesterday, Monday Feb. 27 at 10 AM at the cow barn across from the temple in New Vrindaban.

Our cowherd girl, Lalita Gopi, came in early in the morning  to milk the cows and she saw that mother cow Gomata Asha was lying down on the floor of the barn and was half way through giving birth……the little calf was halfway out of her mother’s body!

Not wanting to disturb the mother cow,  Lalita Gopi just quietly waited until the baby was all the way out of her mother’s body.  Then, Mother Asha very soon just stood up and went about her business. It seemed like an easy labor for both the mother cow and her calf.

Mother and daughter are doing fine.  The new little girl is named Rupal Soma, and she joins her older godsister calf, Gandharvika, in soaking up the February sun.




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