Bamboo, Berries, and Nut Trees

From Madhava  Gosh

I have bamboo plants available for anyone wanting any.   It is evergreen most years and gets about 20′ high in good soil. Useful for crafts and in the garden.

Anyone wanting to cut and trim some bamboo for their own use are welcome to stop by. Can be used for bean trellises, stiffening the top of deer cages, etc.

We will be ordering berries for the Garden of Seven Gates. Order not finalized yet but will include blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and bush cherries. Anyone wanting to go in on the order and get a better price by bulk ordering, let me know. Grants available for devotees in New Vrindaban  willing to plant but short on cash and  if you had a grant last year AND complied with the terms of last year’s conditions.

We will also be ordering nut trees and be making them available at no cost for NV residents.  Either Carpathian walnuts of Chinese Chestnuts, haven’t decided yet.  We will be ordering a bundle of 50 and can’t mix.

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