A No-Talent Show Full of Talent

Lust, Anger and Greed

Anyone who was at the Lodge on Wed. evening Feb. 8 was witness to an outbreak of lust, anger and greed!  All three of them were on stage at the same time in the drama at the No-Talent Show!

The No-Talent Show began with Mahati reading some of her very colorful Krsna conscious poems.  Then  the main act in the form of a drama named “Lust, Anger and Greed” was presented, starring four budding actresses, namely Madri, Sacikripa, Govinda Mohini and Sundari as Death, Lust, Greed and Anger, in that order. They were very convincing , exuberant and  entertaining.

The drama was followed by Lalita Gopi playing a tune that she had just learned on “Bhaktin Kimbell”, the Lodge’s new baby grand piano.  She did very well, and had everyone singing along.

After Lalita, Devananda Pandita sang a few of his ever-popular original songs for many of his fans, accompanied by Lilasuka on flute.

After the no-talent show was over, many people stayed on for an impromptu mellow kirtan with flute accompaniment.

We plan to continue to hold such weekly No-Talent Shows.  So whether you have no talent or lots of talent, or just like to perform, or to be entertained, please show up at the next show!


Lalita Gopi at the piano



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