“In this world of anxiety and FEAR” by Shankararanya

In this world of anxiety and FEAR

Where some kind of  misery is always so NEAR

Where smiles and giggles are interspersed with TEAR

Where sometimes the burden of uncertainty gets difficult to BEAR

There is only one thing you can do right my DEAR

Surrender to the Lord with all your GEAR

To His instructions lend your EAR

Listen to His Message loud and CLEAR

Only His sweet pastimes you must HEAR

Make a sincere devotee your PEER

The dust of Vrindavan on your body you should SMEAR

A Vaishnava attire is what you should WEAR

Let not time pass away year after YEAR

Just take shelter of the Lord and move ahead like a SPEAR

Eternally your Servant

Shankararanya Das

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