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We started a “Remembering Nitai Das” Facebook page, the url is:

Devotees are invited to please share their memories and stories.
Nitai’s main service project was Krishna Kitchen, which he poured his heart and soul into and worked tirelessly to develop. Engaging many devotees from all walks of life from gurukulis, to bhaktas, to old-school preachers, he always knew just how to inspire participation to share the Sankirtana mission of Lord Caitanya. He dedicated his life in service to his guru Radhanath Swami and will be dearly missed.
His last rites will be performed in Mayapura by Mandali Dasi (his wife), Radhanath Swami, Malati Devi and Nityodita Prabhu his uncle.
In service
– Rasikananda dasa

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i was shocked to read Bhakti lata’s blog and the passing away of HG Nitai Prabhu a wonderful and loving Godbrother, an innovative soldier in Srila Prabhupada’s movement. He did amazing service in arranging so many festivals like the festival with Sally Agarwal’s family and numerous programs for launching of Journey home in west. i remember when i was writing the reports for the south india yatra for Guru Maharaj’s website, he gave me great feedbacks.
he was loving, always smiling and a regular visitor to our temple and a great friend.
i am still in shock…