Kitchen Religion Flourishing in New Vrindavan

Fridays are special days for the residents of the Dhama who take lunch prasadam at the temple. Last Friday’s all-American-fare lunch was cooked by our Friday cooks, namely Lalita Gopi, her daughters Visakha and Brinda, and also Maha Laxmi.  It was quite gourmet and it went quickly so that those who came late missed out on the pleasure of trying the main course….a shame indeed.

Most of the maha (the special foods directly from Krishna’s plates), sadly, was left behind, untouched!

I noticed, too, that more people tend to come to lunch on Fridays than on other days.  Hmm! I wonder why that is.

There were black bean with salsa burgers served on home-made buns, with guacamole on top.  The menu was creamy tomato soup, good old-fashioned sweet potato fries and Brinda’s famous sweet-can’t-be-beat hot chai tea.  A nice veggie side of simple cauliflower, broccoli and carrots topped off the repast.

A meal fit for the Lord!

We can’t wait for next Friday’s special!

Yes, the “kitchen religion” is alive and well in New Vrindavan.

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