Ladies Rock the Dhama

The women will be singing and chanting and burning up the incense big time this week. Tonight, Wed. Jan. 18, there will be a Ladies’ Sanga  from 5:30 PM to approximately 7 PM at Malati’s cabin. They will have bhajans, Krsna-katha and then some ever-popular and addictive prasad to top off the evening.

Due to popular demand by many of the women in New Vrindavan, there will be regular bhajan meetings at different women’s homes.  They will be learning bhajans, one at a time, and will delve into the pronunciation, translation and mood of each bhajan. The first gathering will be this Fri. Jan. 20 at Vani’s house at 6:30 PM. If anyone would like to suggest their favorite bhajan ahead of time, please contact Lilasuka at 304-843-1600 xt 106.

It’s a little thing we like to call “Chanting Hare Krishna Rocks!!”

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