PRC Minutes 12/23/11

Palace Restoration Committee

 Minutes December 23, 2011

Present:  Gaura Shakti, Gopisa, Jaya Krsna, Malati, Ramesvara, and Tripad

  1. Minutes of the meeting December 2, 2011, were approved.
  1. Work done on the roof and domes presented by Gopisa:
    1. Status: foam roof recoated, the flat section completely sealed, all the drains opened to the maximum capacity
    2. Sealant applied to all domes, front dome still has small leak, leaking is coming from the domes not from the flat section, especially from the top of the domes
    3. There is still a remaining leak in the front foyer. The front dome has to be finished.
    4. Kayafas Architects – they currently work on the specs for the front stairs this service will be covered by the work paid so far for the bid package for the new flat roof which was not used. We are hoping to additionally receive design and prints for permanent repair of the domes as part of the exchange.


    1. In a small area just loose sand and pebbles have been found around the front dome instead of strong concrete. Concerns have been raised that the main structure of the Palace may be compromised.
    2. Kayafas Architects contacted the engineers who worked on the Palace before. An external company will be consulted by the engineer to check the concrete under the marble with x-ray or ultrasound technology.  There is no quote so far for the tests.

Gift shop

    1. Kayafas Architects presented a basic design and estimates.
    2. The activities on the gift shop will be continued once we have assurance that the main structure of the Palace is sound.

Front steps

    1. Two bids received for the upper front stairs.
    2. Al’s masonry is the lower bid; about $60.000.
    3. Dave would like to work during the winter on the steps. Samples are at the temple for the new material to use.
    4. Decision to take from our side:
      1.                                                                i.      what kind of material to use – all new material from local source or other?
      2.                                                              ii.      Discuss with Soma or somebody in the area to do the job, or engage Dave from Al’s masonry.
  1. It is planned to do the job in spring before the tourist season starts.
  2. Proposed material will be sent by Gopisa  to the members of the PRC for a better understanding


  1. Next steps
    1. Finish sealing the front dome.
    2. Testing the structure.
    3. Blueprints for the gift shop.
    4. Discuss with Soma if he likes to be engaged at the front stairs.


    1. Next conf call: January 18, 2012, 4pm.

JKd December 24, 2011





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