New Calf Arrives in New Vrindavan


 One of Krsna’s new cows, Gomata Anjali Soma, whom you may have read about in a recent  article on the New Vrindaban website,  gave birth to her first calf early Sunday morning, Jan. 8, 2012. 

Both mata and calf are doing well and are resting at the Goshalla  across from the temple.

Little Gandharvika is the first calf born in New Vrindaban in 2012.  The last calf that was born in New Vrindaban was in 2009.  When a cow comes fresh with a calf she has a good flow of milk for the first year but after that her production falls off.  So the arrival of Gandharvika signals an increased milk production for Lord Krishna and His devotees. At present there are no other fresh cows in the barn.

Radha Vrindabanchandra will very soon be enjoying some wonderful milk sweets as a result of this new event.  Srila Prabhupada has called milk “liquid religion”, so the birth of a new calf in Krsna’s own herd of cows is a particularly auspicious birth. 

As their photos were being taken,  Anjali Soma Mata was looking around protectively, just like the good mother that she has become.  But she seemed to also be very trusting as she knows that both she and her baby will have some pleasant days ahead under the protection of Lord Krsna Himself.   Krsna is known as the best cowherd boy in Vrindaban, and Vrindabanchandra is that  same cowherd boy.



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