Open Service Positions In New Vrindaban

New Vrindaban Community, ISKCON’s first farm community, is in the process of completing a 25-year Master Plan. Srila Prabhupada gave a wealth of instructions regarding how New Vrindaban should be developed.

Right now, New Vrindaban is looking for devotees to help with the day-to-day operations as well as with implementation of Srila Prabhupada’s instructions through the Master Plan.

The following services are available:

– Temple Commander
– Congregational Preacher
– Cook for the devotee kitchen (April through October)
– Assistant cook for the snack bar (April through October)
– Receptionist at the lodge (April through October)
– Cleaning personnel at the lodge (April through October)
– Cleaning personnel at the snack bar (April through October)
– Devotees interested in agriculture
– Interns for agriculture (time span to be determined)

If you are interested in any of these positions, please send to the following:

(1) a resume or brief statement of your work and devotional experience,
(2) a statement of your financial needs,
(3) indicate the services you are interested in, and
(4) state the date on which you would be able to re-locate to New Vrindaban.

Full Contact Info:

Jaya Krsna at the Palace Lodge (304 843 1600, ext. 111,
or myself (304 843 1600, ext. 149,

for any service you are interested.

Hare Krishna.

Your servant,
Jaya Krsna das

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