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Temple Asrama Renovations Continue

Just a few more yards and we’re there.

Drywall Arrives at the Asramas

The drywall is about to be hoisted up to the second floor of the asrama, where renovations are well under way. The drivers received maha cookies for their efforts.   Beam me up!

The Latest Word from The Community Planning Team

Wed. Jan. 25, 2012 under the Lodge We had some special guests at our recent Community Vision and Planning Team presentation on Wed. evening, Jan. 25.  There were three teachers and seven students from  (Morgantown) WV University. Their Community Design Team , coordinated by Jenny Selin, will be working closely with our Vision and Planning […]

Poems for Advaita Acarya

O CHAMPION Writing Team: Visakha Turner(Leader) & Joshua Fintel O Champion of devotees, O Advaita You pleaded for the Lord to incarnate. By your grace He came As the Golden Volcano of divine love. O Champion of devotees, O compassionate Savior, By your grace we have been rescued From the ocean of misery By this […]

New Vrindaban Temple Has New Street Address

Dear Brijabasis, Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! New Vrindaban has received notice of the new addresses which have to be applied within one year after which the old address will no longer be supported. The new street address for the temple is as follows: 3759 McCrearys Ridge Road The rest […]

State of the Union from the Temple Presidents’ Meeting

The North America Temple Presidents meeting was held  in Dallas, TX on the weekend of Jan. 13 to 15 this year. (New Vrindaban Temple President Jaya Krishna das and New Vrindaban GBC member Tamohara das) An overall very positive and uplifting mood prevailed last weekend at the North America Temple Presidents’ meeting in Dallas.  There […]

Tapahpunjah On Radio Fri. 10:30 am Jan. 27

Tapahpunjah will be on WKKX 1600 AM on the Sherrie McCutheon Show Friday Jan. 27th at 10:30 AM. Tapahpunjah will be representing the Small Farm Training Center (SMTC),  Danny Swan with be representing East Wheeling Community Gardens, and Ken Peralta will be representing Green Wheeling Initiative.

Kitchen Religion Flourishing in New Vrindavan

Fridays are special days for the residents of the Dhama who take lunch prasadam at the temple. Last Friday’s all-American-fare lunch was cooked by our Friday cooks, namely Lalita Gopi, her daughters Visakha and Brinda, and also Maha Laxmi.  It was quite gourmet and it went quickly so that those who came late missed out […]

Public CVPT Meeting Tuesday January 24th

Hare Krsna Devotees Tuesday, 24 January will be a Community Vision and Planning discussion in the Lodge. Prasadam is served 5.30-6.00 pm Presentation is from 6:00 onwards. There will be 8 students from WVU attending, along with their professor. They are interested in how our community is doing the master planning process; the Madhuvan Village […]

Report on how the Ladies Rocked the Dhama

Tuesday evening’s ladies’ sanga at Malati’s cabin was a grand success!  Several of the women took turns leading kirtan in their own individual moods and everyone loudly chanted the Holy Name of the Lord in ecstasy.  There was then a small feast including a noteworthy “kreplach” chicken-less soup.  (Editor’s Important Note: the “ch” in “kreplach” […]