Prison preaching in Moundsville

Hare Krishna,

By the mercy of Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Chandra and H.G.Chandrashekar prabhu, one prisoner became a devotee in Moundsville started chanting 16 rounds. That devotee requested the chaplin in the jail for regular Hare Krishna programs. Chaplin Taylor who is a very generous nice man contacted H.G. Malati Devi Dasi . At her request I started regular programs in the prison. At first we had two prisoners attend the class. Its been two months now and now we have 6 devotees in the prison regularly attend the program. The best part is that four of them are chanting 16 rounds daily , the remaining chant 4-5 rounds.

Personally for me this is a very special program. We are also at the brink of getting a chance to take prasadam for the prisoners every week. At first this request was denied. But the chaplin kept trying and I kept explaining to him that our programs are Chanting, Dancing and Feasting. So without the feast the program isn’t complete. So we kept trying. So hopefully from the next year 2012 we will able to bring in prasadam for the devotees in prison. I can only wonder if we take in prasadam how many more would join in.

Meanwhile we are having Gaura Poornima celebrations in the prison and we have permission to cook a special feast for the devotees in the prison.

The devotes are looking for donations of beadbags and CD’s of Prabhupada. They have facility to watch videos and also they can have their own mp3 players to listen to lectures. The prison ministry has donated a lot of Bhagavad-Gitas and Cd’s and last week we donated a few bead bags. But the number of devotees are increasing , so we need more beadbags, CD’s and Mp3 players.

So if you have any one of these please donate generously for the prisoners. They will remain ever thankful to you. Everytime I go they are thankful and want more association.

Hare Krishna !!!!

Your servant,

Gaura Nataraja Dasa

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