PRC Minutes 12-2-11

Palace Restoration Committee

Minutes conf call December 2, 2011

Present: Gaura Shakti, Gopisa, Jaya Krsna, Malati,

1. Minutes last conf call, October 14, 2011

The minutes have been reviewed and accepted.

2. Update on the recent work

Main roof has been covered; water leaking stopped except at the office. Remaining water comes from the front dome and the middle dome.

The concrete of the front dome was completely destroyed (sand and pebbles) at one place opened during the work. Core samples of all different concrete sections have to be taken.

Stripes of heating materials will be applied for the drains; details will be discussed after the meeting.

Middle and front dome will be covered with a coat of the material purchased so far.

Application will be done as soon as the current work in the ashramas is finished.

The first quote of one mason came in: about $60.000 for the upper front stairs. The second quote is expected to come in soon. There will be a meeting arranged with both masons at Kayafas Architects’ office.

Gus suggested finding a good mason and putting him on payroll which would reduce the expenses substantially; the mason would be engaged for the overall work to be done at the Palace.

3. Update on the gift shop

Kayafas Architects sent the proposal for the gift shop. Gopisa distributed the proposal to the members of the committee.

Kayafas Architects propose two phases:

Phase 1: Roof, doors, electrical, plumbing, HVAC. Total $ 68,900, with10% contingency $ 75,790.

Phase 2: Bathrooms and decorative work $ 51,250, with 10% contingency 56,375.

The quotes are based on outside contractors. We will be able to do the work for a much lower price, about 30 to 40% the first phase. The second phase will be most probably integrated in the first phase. The overall costs will be about $ 70,000. Gopisa will come up with a detailed budget for next meeting.

Next steps: Finish the clean out, approving the budget, get the drawings from Kayafas Architects.

Do the roof first, the doors etc.

The INMV board has to give its approval during the next meeting December 8, 2011. ECOV has expressed their view that they will accept INMV’s discretion
on how we use their donation for the Palace renovations.

4. Activities in the near future

Core samples of the main structure have to be done soon to have a better view how to approach the overall project. The topic will be discussed with Gus next week (extend, time frame, costs).

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